Want to join a fast-growing group of K9 dogs? There are many ways to get involved.

Partnership Requests

Got a fetching idea? We’re all ears! If you believe your vision aligns with ours, let’s collaborate to make the K9 ecosystem a better place.

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Media Partnerships

If you’re the alpha of your media pack, we’re howling for you! YouTube stars, KOLs and news hounds—let’s team up to amplify our message.

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DAO Voting

Be an active participant in the K9 Finance DAO voting process. Engage in discussions on the forum, cast your votes on Snapshot, and ensure your voice is heard in shaping the future of K9 Finance!

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Become a K9 Ambassador

Lead the pack in your area! We’re scouting for top dogs to represent us worldwide, ready to spread the bark about our mission. Whether it’s translating woofs into your language or guiding local groups, your role is crucial.

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Applications Now Open for Roundtable of Dogs!

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