K9 Finance DAO Vesting Portal Guide

1. Visit https://vesting.k9finance.com

2. Connect your wallet in the top right (be sure to connect with the same address you submitted to receive your vesting tokens. For the majority of people this is the wallet you sent from for the pre-sale)

3. Once connected, your vested token balance will display under “Total Vested Amount”. This is the total number of tokens.

4. If your tokens are subject to a vesting cliff, you will see the “Cliff End Date” on the left hand side of the page.

5. The date for first claim will appear under “Next Claim Date” which indicates the first time you can claim vested tokens.

6. Once your “Next Claim Date” is reached, you will be able to press “Claim” to receive your KNINE tokens from the vesting contract. This will require a transaction.

7. Vesting operates on a 30 day schedule for 1 or 2 years after the Cliff. This is reflected in the “Final Claim Date”.

8. The countdown timer will continue to count down until your next eligible claim date.

*Coinbase Wallet is not currently supported. You can import your Coinbase Wallet to Metamask to claim your vested tokens. See below for more information.

How to Import Coinbase Wallet to MetaMask

  1. Launch your Coinbase Wallet and navigate to the Settings section.

  2. Select "Recovery Phrase" to view your 12-word recovery phrase.

  3. Carefully write down the recovery phrase in the order it's displayed. Never share your seed phrase with anyone and be sure to get rid of any written copies after this is done. K9 DAO moderators and management council members cannot help with this process and will NEVER ask for your seed phrase.

  4. Open MetaMask and choose the option to "Import using Secret Recovery Phrase."

  5. Input your recovery phrase, then set and confirm your new password.

  6. Complete the import by entering your recovery phrase and selecting your preferred password, thereby importing your Coinbase Wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

For additional support, please refer to the Official Metamask website (linked) https://support.metamask.io/managing-my-wallet/accounts-and-addresses/how-to-import-an-account/

**If you are using Wallet Connect, wait patiently after connecting and do not refresh the page, the vesting interface will appear after a brief delay.