Assignment Notice:

All users of the K9 Token ($KNINE) should take notice. Those who acquired the To-ken on or before 14/02/2024 may have entered into an older version of the Pur-chase Agreement for Tokens (Sometimes called a SAFT). In accordance with that Agreement you are hereby notified that the Company ‘K9 Technologies Inc’ as ac-quired the rights to all Digital Assets linked with the K9 Token. Accordingly, any prior agreement signed by you and any other party is hereby assigned to K9 Tech-nologies Inc. This assignment is non-negotiable and has two distinct changes to any prior agree-ment. Firstly, the corresponding party will now be K9 Technologies Inc. This is the party adopting the contract on behalf of the Seller/Creator of the Token. Secondly, the jurisdiction is now relocated to the Republic of Seychelles for any and all disputes, disagreements, or management of any resolution. In continuing to hold, operate, use, or otherwise engage with the K9 Ecosystem (To-ken, Website, Social Media, Forums etc) you are deemed to have accepted this as-signment fully. Any questions can be directed to K9 Technologies Inc.