K9 Finance DAO Governance Process

Understanding the Decision-Making Process in K9 Finance DAO Governance

Welcome to the governance process of K9 Finance DAO! Our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) empowers community members like you to participate in decision-making and shape the future of the project. This page outlines the key components of our governance process and how you can get involved.

Standard Governance Process

The standard governance process consists of the following four stages:

(1) Discussion Forum

The initial step for any idea or proposal is to submit a post to the official K9 Finance DAO Forum to obtain recommendations and feedback from the broader community. The goal of the discussion is to engage community members and foster meaningful dialogue. Once the proposal is welcomed and feedback is incorporated, it could move on to the next step.The post must remain on the discussion forum for a minimum of 5 days before it is eligible for review by the Roundtable of Dogs. For a strong proposal we recommend using the guidelines found here.


(2) Roundtable of Dogs

The Roundtable of Dogs is an elected committee that meets monthly to review forum proposals and elevate valid proposals to the Snapshot process. Proposals require 75% of Roundtable quorum to be approved to move to a Snapshot voting.

(3) Snapshot Voting

The final stage involves voting on Snapshot, where the Roundtable of Dogs selects valid forum discussions and creates official proposals for the entire K9 community to vote on.

Snapshot voting period is 5 days, with a quorum of 5% of the circulating supply of $KNINE tokens required for a vote to pass

DAO voting power is linearly proportional to the number of $KNINE tokens a user holds on the specified block ('snapshot'): 1 token = 1 vote.


(4) Operations

When a Snapshot vote passes, it gets handed to the management council to execute on the vote.

Emergency Governance Process

In emergency cases where critical vulnerabilities require immediate action, the proposal can bypass the forum and proceed to a 24-hour vote on Snapshot.

Quick Governance Process

If the management council needs approval for something non-contentious, a vote can be proposed. Only authorized addresses can propose an easy track vote. This Quick Governance motion lasts 72 hours and an objections threshold of (0.5%) has not been exceeded.

K9 Finance DAO Committees

In K9 Finance, governance is facilitated by three primary groups:

$KNINE Token Holders:

Representing the broader community, token holders play a pivotal role in decision-making processes. All $KNINE token holders possess the ability to vote within Snapshot and shape the future of K9 Finance DAO. Every $KNINE token receives a vote.

Roundtable of Dogs:

The Roundtable of Dogs, composed of elected members, convenes monthly to review and advance proposals for community consideration. Operating autonomously from the management council, it ensures independent decision-making. Comprising 9 to 19 members, each a subject matter expert in their domain, the Roundtable brings invaluable experience, connections, and guidance for the benefit of the entire K9 Finance DAO community. The Roundtable meets a minimum of once a month to review forum proposals and elevate valid ones to the Snapshot process. Proposals approved by the Roundtable requires a 75% quorum approval to proceed to Snapshot.

Management Council:

Responsible for executing decisions passed by the community, the Management Council oversees the implementation of governance mandates.

Explore the dynamic governance mechanisms of K9 Finance DAO, where every voice matters and decisions are made collaboratively. Join our community today to shape the future of decentralized finance with transparency, integrity, and inclusivity