Vote in the K9 Finance DAO Through Snapshot

Dive into decentralized governance and help shape the future of K9 Finance DAO!

Snapshot is an off-chain, gasless, multi-governance client that allows token holders to vote on proposals. It's widely used throughout the blockchain and DeFi communities for governance votes, and K9 Finance DAO is no exception. Below you’ll find a quick walk through of how to use Snapshot. Become part of the future of K9 Finance DAO, and join the movement of decentralized governance!

Getting Started

Creating an Account: To participate in voting, you need to have a crypto wallet that supports the blockchain of the token you hold. Supported wallets include MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Ledger among others. 

$KNINE is on the Ethereum Network, so you shouldn’t have to worry about adding a network. That said, if you want to learn about adding a network to your Metamask Wallet, click here.  

Preparing to Vote

Connecting Your Wallet: Visit Snapshot website and connect your wallet by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right corner. Ensure your wallet is connected to the correct network.

Find K9 Finance DAO: Type “K9 Finance DAO” into the search bar and click “join.” Here’s a quick link! Remember to set your wallet to connect to Ethereum!

Voting on Proposals

Reviewing Proposals: Once you’ve selected a project, you'll see a list of active and past proposals. Click on an active proposal to view its details, including the proposal’s description, voting options, and the start/end dates for voting.

Casting Your Vote: After reviewing a proposal and deciding your stance, select your choice among the options provided and click the "Vote" button. You may be required to sign a message with your wallet to confirm your vote. This process does not incur gas fees, as the voting is off-chain. In K9 Finance DAO, each $KNINE token permits one vote - the more tokens, the more influence you have!

Confirming Your Vote: After voting, you should see a confirmation screen or message. You can also verify your vote in the proposal’s voting results section.

You’re All Done!

That’s all there is! K9 Finance DAO believes in the ethos of decentralization, and that our token holders are core components of our ecosystem and its future.

Want to learn more about Snapshot voting? Click here!

Additional Links

Make the most of your DAO contributions! Peruse through the links below for all you’ll need to know when it comes to creating and voting on proposals, as well as participating in the DAO! 

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